PTA Funded Programs and Services

Some examples of PTA funded programs and services for the past year include the following -

  • Classroom Support - $16,000
    Money for every teacher and specialist at Mohr to be used for supplies, books, educational materials or whatever the teachers need for their classrooms.
  • Technology - $40,000
    The money raised at the PTA Fun Run was used to purchase new Chrome Books, iPads, printers and Apple TVs for every classroom. In addition, the PTA provides money to the tech specialist to maintain our current equipment.
  • Science Lab - $700
    PTA helps pay for lab equipment and supplies to outfit our Science Lab.
  • Communications - $550
    PTA pays for the publishing of our school newsletter, Wednesday packet materials and the PTA website so families know what’s going on at our school.
  • Pizza with the Principal - $2,000
    PTA pays for this reward where students are chosen by their teacher for showing positive behaviors.
  • Field Day - $500
    PTA pays for & organizes this student-loved end of the year celebration.
  • Red Ribbon Week - $300
    PTA pays for & organizes this week of drug awareness.
  • Reflections - $300
    PTA supports art appreciation in our schools with this national program.
  • Walk & Roll to School - $100
    PTA funds programs that promote physical fitness.
  • Art Enrichment - $8,000
    PTA pays for this program that provides art enrichment for every student.
  • Library Funds - $2,5000
    PTA raises funds through the Book Fair to buy books for the library. We also provided $2,000 to replace educational VHS tapes with DVDs.
  • Mohr Garden - $400
    Clean up days and planting trees on campus.
  • Science Fair - $100
    Support with volunteers to run the science fair.
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunch - $600
    PTA provides a luncheon for our teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week.
  • PE and Playground Equipment - $2500
    Purchasing new or replacement equipment.

You can help to suppport these programs through
More for Mohr!

This fundraising program was designed to take the pressure off of traditional yearly fundraising efforts that are often labor-intensive and require many hours in parent volunteerism. By making a cash donation to the More for Mohr program, you enable the PTA to continue to provide the education enhancing programs and services that our Mohr students have come to depend on. The great thing about this program is that 100% of the money goes directly to the school and your donation is 100% tax deductible. Some families may choose to participate in this program in lieu of participating in smaller fundraisers throughout the year. This is perfectly acceptable and part of the reason we are providing this option for our families.

Please support More for Mohr and help us reach our goal of $55,000 to fund PTA sponsored programs and services for our students by making a suggested donation of $100 per student at the PTA table during Registration. Together we can continue to support our students & teachers and ensure that every child will Soar at Mohr!