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Job Descriptions

Executive Board and Committee Chair Positions

Our children's success depends upon parents volunteering their time. Whether it is in the classroom or in the office, whether you can commit to a year long position or just a few weeks in the year, you will be appreciated! The following are brief descriptions of the leadership positions available to parent volunteers at Mohr through the PTA. Contact us if you see something you would like to do.


President - Lead the school PTA toward specific goals chosen by the membership. The President must attend the following monthly meetings: Executive Board, Association, Pleasanton PTA Council and the Parent Communication Council meetings.

Exec. Vice President - Serve as the primary aide to the President. Perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of that officer to act. Attend the Executive Board and Association meetings, and the other above-mentioned meetings in the absence of the President.

Secretary - Attend and keep an accurate written record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and the Executive Board in a bound book, which is the legal record of the PTA. Perform such other duties as may be delegated.

Treasurer - Keep such permanent books of account and records of all receipts and the disbursements perform all bookkeeping and accounting functions of the PTA. Prepare all financial reports, pay all authorized bills, and present monthly financial reports at the monthly Executive Board and Association meetings.

Financial Secretary - Deposit all monies received by the school PTA, keep accurate records of all deposits for filing with the Treasurer's financial records for the Association. Present a monthly report with the Treasurer's report at the monthly Executive Board and Association meetings.

VP of Programs & Services - Oversee all fundraising activities approved by the Association. Attend Committee meetings and reports to the Executive Board. Stay current with upcoming grants, awards etc. Attend all Executive Board and Association meetings.

VP of Membership - Conduct a membership campaign. Keep database record of current membership. Attend all Executive Board and Association meetings.

VP of Legislation - Keep membership aware of legislation in the State and National PTA. Report information from School Board meetings to the membership at the monthly Executive Board and Association meetings.

Parliamentarian - Attend all meetings of the Association and of the Executive Board and give necessary advice in parliamentary procedure when requested. Oversee the nomination/election committee and chair the by-laws committee.


Classroom Yearbook Photographer - Take digital photographs of classroom events throughout the year to be included in the yearbook

Garden - Help prepare planter boxes for class crops and/or participate in Garden Clean-Up days

Library Help - 30 minute shift every other week to shelve books

Marquee - Update marquee weekly in front of the school

Pizza with the Principal - Assist with monthly student luncheon, order/pick up & help serve pizza

Recycling - Assist the collection and redemption of aluminum cans every other month. Approximately 45 minutes for completion

Special Needs Committee Member - The Pleasanton PTA Council Special Needs Committee (SNC) is looking for parents of children with SSTs, 504s or IEPs to represent Mohr School at meetings and bring information back to our school to share

Technology Projects/ Coding Club Assist - Assist technology specialist with the 4th and 5th grade coding club which meets weekly after school and help with other technology projects as needed

Walk & Roll to School - Help manage the signing of Walk & Roll poster and give out trinkets once/month on Wednesdays. Also help to liaise with Safe Routes to Schools and plan the Bike Mobiles

Wednesday Ice Cream Sales - Sell ice cream on Wednesdays after school (Sept-Oct & April-June)

Wednesday Packets - Staple/collate school notices/flyers for students to take home each Wednesday


Art Show - Assist in organizing, labeling, matting & displaying art work for Open House (Spring)

Bingo Nights - Organize and set up event; purchase prizes and food to be sold (Jan)

Book Fair - Help students select books and cashier (Oct/Nov & April)

Fall Family Fun Fair - Assist with recreational activities, secure food and supervise (Oct)

Field Day - Assist in setup/ cleanup of field game stations; chaperone classes or help with game stations (last Thurs of school- Jun 11, 2015)

Health Testing - Assist health aide with vision/hearing tests taking children to/from their classes (Fall)

Holiday Boutique - Assist with setup/ cleanup and with recreational activities for kids during Boutique (Dec 5, 2014)

Ice Cream Social - Help set up, decorate, scoop & clean up (Sept)

Junior Achievement - Present lessons teaching business/consumer concepts to classes (April)

Mohr Fun Run - Assist in counting student laps around track area and to tally up pledges

One-Day Projects - Help office staff with occasional projects

Parent Potluck - Organize and set up luncheon for our parent community (Sept)

Red Ribbon Week - Help coordinate activities and decorate for drug awareness week (Oct)

Reflections Program for the Arts - Collect & submit student entries in Nat'l PTA Sponsored Art Program (Sept-Nov)

School Pictures - Sort pictures for distribution to students & prepares students for pictures on both

Picture Day and Picture Make-up Day (Fall)

Science Fair - Help with preparation and presentation of school Science Fair (March)

Sandia Science Night - Help with Sandia Science Night (March)

Spring Family Event - Help organize activities, secure food items and supervise (Spring)

5th Grade Promotion Committee - 1. Plan 5th Grade Promotion refreshment & decoration items (5thgrade parents) 2. Decorate MPR and serve refreshments at Promotion Event (non-5th grade parents)

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