About Us

The Mohr Elementary PTA was established in 1997, the year the school opened.

The PTA is the oldest and largest volunteer association working exclusively on behalf of all children and youth. For more than 100 years, the National PTA has promoted the education, health, and safety of children, youth, and families. When you become a member of Mohr PTA you also become a member of the State and National organizations as well.

The PTA provides a structure for parents, teachers and administrators to work in cooperation to provide the best possible education for all children attending Mohr Elementary. We encourage all parents, guardians and school staff to join the PTA. There are many ways to participate, from volunteering in your child's classroom, to attending monthly PTA meetings, to chairing a committee. If everyone did one small thing it would make a big difference. So get involved in what ever capacity fits into your personal schedule. You can make a difference.

Why join the PTA?

PTA is a professional, non-profit volunteer organization committed to the well being of all children. PTA has a 111-year history of success in empowering and supporting ALL parents and teachers with skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication to positively impact the lives of ALL children. PTA works on behalf of all children and youth promoting the education, health, and safety of children, youth, and families.

The PTA membership drive begins at registration. You can also become a member any time during the school year by completing a membership form available for download here or in the school office.

Why does the PTA raise money?

Unfortunately, California schools are not funded enough to cover all the programs, supplies or activities we would like to provide for ALL our children. Although the state had increased the school funding in the last couple years, that trend has reversed due to a downturn in the economy and we are facing very tight school budgets. California has the largest student population in the nation, with the most diverse needs, yet we are 50th in the nation in per pupil funding. The PTA tries to help by raising funds in a variety of ways. See what programs were funded by the PTA last year!

What about the meetings?

As a PTA member you get voting privileges and input on how we plan programs and spend your PTA funds. PTA Meetings are on the 4th Thursday of every other month (unless otherwise noted) starting in September at 6:30pm. Hopefully you can fit at least one into your schedule! See the calendar page for specific meeting dates. We have meetings to decide how to increase communications among parents and staff and how to best promote our programs that benefit ALL the children at Mohr. Academically involved parents = Academically successful children. Please join us!

We look forward to your participation in our school PTA.