Annual Halloween Costume Parade

Halloween Parade

Our annual Halloween Parade takes place on October 31! Students will parade along the sidewalk next to Mohr, around the park and end on the playground. It will start at approximately 8:30 am and last about 30 minutes. The best viewing/photo spots are located on the grass. Parents, please do not stand in the parade "staging" area (on the blacktop) or on the sidewalk. Please find a viewing location around the perimeter of the parade route.

Halloween Parade

Students that wish to participate in the costume parade must:

  • Dress in costumes at home BEFORE coming to school.
  • Wear costumes that can be worn over regular school clothes. There will be no time to change.
  • Bring a bag to school to keep costumes in after the parade.
  • Mark all parts of the costumes with the student's name to identify them in case of loss.
  • No students shall be allowed to call home to get costumes before the parade.

Appropriateness of Costumes & Rules

  • Costumes should not be of a violent, gory, or messy nature. This includes fake blood, colored hairspray, dyes, facial make-up, or other potentially messy items.
  • Costume props such as guns, spears, and swords are not allowed.
  • If masks are worn, they should provide adequate vision for the wearer to walk safely.
  • Costumes and masks that depict the results of violent acts, or unnecessarily grotesque images, are not allowed.

If religious, cultural, or personal beliefs do not allow your child's participation, they are not required to join the costume parade. Parents may opt to keep students home until it is completed, or we will provide a place for non-participants to stay during that time. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your child's teacher.